HammerDown customer bike.

Read what our customers say about HammerDown Cycles and Speed Shop

“I went to every HD shop in town and was always disappointed until I met Don. As soon as you walk into his shop, you will know the difference.

Don helped me figure out exactly what I wanted. He took an 88ci B motor and got 138 HP and 136 Ft/lbs of torque (Dyno Proven) that I rode 60,000 miles that started every time, all year round, and didn’t leak a drop of oil.

He’s built two bikes for me, and I would never go anywhere else.”
~Pete Emerson | Denver, CO
“This great machinist/engine builder and an overall great man gave me an appreciation for the most detailed work I have ever seen. All of the work on my motorcycles resulted in over-the-top performance and dependability. Don’s shop built one of a handful of the world’s fastest street tire v-twins and provided me with the opportunity to race in the 8-second, quarter-mile drag racing class successfully.

The proof is in the pudding–5 Wally Trophies with 3 National Finals wins in the Street Pro Class. I couldn’t have done it without him.

Always grateful for our continuing endeavors in the motorcycle, street, and racing world.”
~Donnie Doubleday | Denver, CO
“I don’t think there is anyone in the Rocky Mountain region I would trust more than Don. He is truly a master of his trade. I am confident my motor will last longer than what Harley Davidson provides as stock while producing more power and torque. I love to ride and ride frequently. My rebuilt engine should last me the rest of my life.”
~John, who loves to ride
“Don’s passion and enthusiasm for Horsepower and Performance are incredible. After seeing his personal builds and reputation in the racing industry, I felt confident giving Don full reign on my build. All the work was top-notch from start to finish–he exceeded all my expectations! ”
~Rod Weber
“Finding the right guy to do the work for me was a struggle until I met Don. Hands down the best and most meticulous engine builder around Denver, Colorado. I’m willing to bet the Bagger he built for me will outrun any Dresser in Colorado on the street; that’s saying something.

”If you’re not first, you’re last.””
~Lucas Bender
“Don’s honesty, extreme knowledge, and explanations as the build went along made the whole process fun and easy. My bike speaks for itself with massive horsepower gains. Don is like a trusted friend, and I highly recommend him and HammerDown Cycles and Speed Shop.”
~Eric Blevins
“First off, Don is a great guy, honest and straightforward. On top of the hot rod motor that he built–his attention to detail, timely updates, and building the motor I wanted led to a great experience and friendship at HammerDown. 100% worth it!”
~Biff Weber