At an early age, Don Bloom developed a serious need for speed. Whether it was racing his brother on farm tractors or riding horses along a ditch road, Don always wanted to be the fastest. So nothing much changed when he bought his first scooter, a 1961 Cushman. You could always find him working on it, tuning and tweaking this or that, trying to get more power.

Don has bought and built more than 40 motorcycles through the years, most of which he raced. Don’s racing experience comes in many forms; Drag Racing, Motocross, Flat Track, TT, and Enduro. He also competed in NHRA Super Stock classes, IHBA Drag Boat racing, and AHDRA Motorcycle Drag Racing. Don has retired from racing, but HammerDown Cycles still sponsors and supports an AMRA “Outlaw Street” class race bike that runs in the low 8s at 160 mph.

Since retiring from a successful career in the architectural concrete business, Don builds motorcycles full-time. HammerDown Cycles and Speed Shop has grown into a shop known for very fast street Harleys®, drag bikes, and custom bikes. HammerDown Cycles and Speed Shop specializes in building complete one-of-a-kind motorcycles or even a simple one-off component for your bike. We use CAD programming to design pieces that you can’t buy out of a catalog. Meticulous attention to detail results in fit and finish second to none.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a bike that replaces a saturated market of over-painted, over-chromed clone bikes with a clean, tough-looking custom that has a raw, race-bred look and stance.