HammerDown Cycles and Speed Shop is known for very fast street Harleys, drag bikes and custom bikes.

Custom Builds

HammerDown Cycles and Speed Shop specializes in designing and building raw, high-performance race-bred customs, loaded with one-off, hand-built components. Our performance-minded bikes will draw the crowd's attention when you roll into any event. The goal is to skillfully handcraft a clean, tough-looking bike for our customers. We will do our very best to meet your individual needs.


Machine Shop

We work one-on-one with you to design and manufacture custom components and assemblies. Precision machined to fit your motorcycle.

Machine Shop Equipment Includes:
10″ x 54″ ACRA Mill w/ProtoTrak CNC
TRAK 17″x 45″ Lathe w/ProtoTrak CNC
Deltacad CAD Programming


Dyno Tuning

HammerDown Cycles and Speed Shop uses a Dynojet Model 2oo for all our dyno work.
100% Throttle Power Run
Horsepower and Torque Graphs
Performance Tuning


Complete installation of nitrous systems. Nitrous Injection is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase horsepower and torque when you need it while maintaining the dependability and drivability of your stock or modified bike. Nitrous adds a 30%-40% increase in horsepower and torque. We also fill nitrous bottles on site.


Service and Repairs

Complete new engines 100 C.I. to 140 C.I.
Hop-ups and rebuilds
Transmissions and primary services
Tires and brakes
Carbs and ThunderJet installation
Oil and filter changes
Compression release installation
General repair and service
Race engines

Welding and Metal Fab

Welding Equipment Includes:
Syncromatic 250 TIG
Millermatic 250 MIG
Millermatic 130 XP Wire Welder
Oxyacetylene Torch

Metal Fabrication Equipment Includes:
52″ 16 ga. ACRA Shear
36″ PEXTO Roll
36″ ACRA Finger Brake
Whitney Metal Notcher
Beverly Shear
Compact Bender